The original Fade 2 Black Clan was disbanded some years ago. Most of the F2B / WyeSoft servers still exist, including the Multi Theft Auto, Garry's Mod and Call of Duty servers, and are still hosted by WyeSoft under the brand, WyeSoft Gaming.

Some of F2B's former members hang out at the WyeSoft Community Forums, while others keep in touch via private groups on Facebook, etc.

There are no public game servers, voice servers or websites (apart from this page) officially associated with the F2B Clan at this time. Please beware of any public services, such as MTA:DayZ or Discord servers, claiming to be run by Fade 2 Black (or "Fade2Black"), even ones linking to this website. They are not genuine and could potentially be harmful.

The Multi Theft Auto, Garry's Mod and Call of Duty servers live here now
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